We turn
abstract visions
into real, physical

We are a production company based in Aarhus Denmark.

We structure, plan and execute everything needed to make an environment real.

We work with clients who want to create physical retail or office environments.

We orchestrate all project elements and take responsibility for them, instead of the project being fragmented or driven by different people at different stages.

The element of planning.

You may be able to see the kind of environment you have in mind. You may be able to show us your main idea. You may have collected some examples of the projects you admire. Or you may prefer to talk about your plans in another way. This is when our partnership begins and we work alongside you and select the right collaborators to bring your plans to life.

The element of sourcing.

When you approve the design and concept for the project, the picture suddenly gets clearer. There is a workflow. A schedule. A team. The physical components can be selected or created from scratch. The design begins to be populated with physical items. We keep you informed at every step but the project is now totally under control and orchestrated by us.

The element of execution.

With the go-live date fixed, our schedule dictates everything that needs to be done. The physical space is assembled and all the components installed. Our efforts are now focused on delivering the project at the level of quality that is expected, on time and on budget.

Project Type: Retail

Client: Bestseller, Selected

Size: 330 m2

Project Type: Retail

Client: Bestseller, Selected

Size: 330 m2

Project Type: Retail

Client: Bestseller, Selected

Size: 330 m2


We’re team players.

We are partnership orientated and treat everyone we work with as an equal colleague.

There is no “us and them”.


We’re curious.

We love asking questions.

We take the toaster apart to see how it works.


We’re uncomplicated.

We tell it like it is.

We are direct & honest.

Value proposition

We’ve come up with a long overdue improvement to the way new retail and office environments are created. Although projects like these seem linear and orderly, they are actually complex and volatile recipes. They involve many different disciplines, processes, roles, responsibilities, motives and even working cultures. And yet, usually, there is no single observation point. Nobody conducting the orchestra. This responsibility passes on from person to person over time. In effect, as a client, you lose the feeling of control. At &elements, we adopt this orchestrating role, by your side. We don’t design anything. We don’t make anything. We’re not agents for anyone. So we are neutral and uniquely placed to offer you and your vision an objective sense of guidance.

We orchestra creativity and collaborations, converting ideas into reality through the strength of partnership.

Our partners

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Bayern Autogroup
BLS Hafnia
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Fritz Hansen

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Studio Daniel Kutlesovski
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For new business inquiries
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Morten Bro Bjerregaard
Partner // CCO
T +45 5387 4777


Asger Thorsager
Partner // COO
T +45 2726 5815